Sunday, August 19, 2012

The best Pizza Napolitana in town... Amore Pizza JLT

If you are one of the people who value pizza and think it is one of the best foods ever created, don't miss out Pizza Amore in JLT.
Pizza Amore is a new Italian restaurant that opened a few months ago in JLT Cluster T (right next to Dubai Marina metro station).

If you like to dine in, the place has a few inside tables as well as some tables outside (which is a horrible idea for the time being). The place is rather cute and small from the inside but you get to see the cook actually making and baking your pizza. The staff is very friendly and helpful - the manager, Julie, is a sweetheart and she will make sure everything you ask for is done perfectly well.

I have tried several pizzas from them and they all tasted very well. I am, however, hooked on the Napoletana pizza. It is just awesome - has the right amount of anchovies, the right amount of cheese and I usually add onions and it makes it the perfect pizza.

I tried their spaghetti bolognese but did not think much of it. I can think of a few places that do it better (like Carluccio's and Vapiano for instance). So, I'd stick to the pizza!

Their home-made icecream is really outstanding. The first time we went, Julie invited all of us to small cup tasters for the ice cream and we all ended up ordering our proper cups. My favourite is the coffe with caramel sauce ice cream. It is really as good as the ones I had in Florence last year!

Pizza Amore delivers to JLT and I am sure to other places, so give them a try, they are worth it. This is their phone number: 04-452-9900

If you have tried the place, share with us your comments here!


  1. JLT u mean (not JTL)

  2. This post is absolute nonsense. They had great pizza when they first opened up. I ordered from them 3 times a week! In January of '13, they started going completely downhill... very little cheese, too much sauce. ordered from them a month ago to see if they cleaned up their act, the pizza was even worse. i was really disappointed, its prob the worst i've had in dubai, no exaggeration. wish they would get the old chef back or use their old recipe... that was good stuff.

    1. The review was posted in August 2012 - I haven't tried them lately. Very sad to hear about the downward slope.