Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sweet Brazil.. not as sweet as I wished

So, I decided to order from Sweet Brazil in JLT and was quite excited to try a few things on the menu.
I called and requested the pot pie with shrimp filling. The menu said it comes with green salad. So, for someone who doesn't like green salad, I requested the person on the phone to substitute it with anything else and said I was happy to pay any difference in price. I thought that was a common practice everywhere I went and it was just a fair ask from customers since it is not necessarily what they would like to compliment a plate with. To my surprise, the person who was on the phone said to me that they only recommend salad with this plate and do not recommend anything else. Fair enough, I said. Thank you for the recommendation but if you guys send me the green salad it will end up in the trash bin because I simply don't eat green salad and hence would like to exchange it for something I can eat.
I think the debate about what they "recommend and not recommend" lasted for a few minutes and there was zero flexibility to what customers want and in the end I thanked her and said I won't be ordering.
I think many companies rise and fall because of consumer needs attention and no matter how good the products are, or the food is in this case, what really matters is customer service and how consumers feel they are 'heard'. It is unfortunate that I did not try the shrimp pot pie, but instead I ended up ordering from Pizza Amore and got a wonderful smile and whatever i wanted to "add" or "remove" was done with no questions asked!


  1. Hey Babymoselle! I am so sorry it happened to you! Totally understood why you were upset!
    On the other hand, as a brazilian, i am more than happy to have them on the neighboorhood! I met the owners and they attended me and my criends with a huge smile but that wasn't even that important. The big thing for me was the amazing food! All the coxinhas, brigadeiros, risolis and of course pão francês ( brazilian "french" bread which makes me feel as if i was going to the bakery on the corner of my house in Brasil after a day working which is a wonderful feeling!
    Maybe you were unlucky with the employees which BTW aren't brazilians and were maybe just following orders!
    It's a wonderful place to meet with friends. As a mom and wife, i love going there with my family!

  2. Hi there, I have to agree fully with Larissa! I absolutely LOVE Sweet Brasilian Cafe, which everyone calls Sweet Brasil. The food is amazing, actually the service is great, and it's a very chilled out place. I love going there with my laptop and later have my friends join me for a snack! It's a shame Babymoselle had an unfortunate experience but maybe it was a misunderstanding due to price reasons. You have to try them out and see in person what it's like. Otherwise you're missing out. This place will be rocking more and more soon am sure. Owner is lovely and always there for support. LOVE IT!!!

  3. How sad of you to write that Babymoselle! Especially on the front view page of the JLT site. This place is amazing and your review should be about the food and manners of the staff not in changing policies for you. Pizza places and their toppings are supposed to be of customer's choice as it's their policy as a business so you cannot compare it here with other company policies. Clearly at SB Cafe you caught the staff at a surprise and we all know they don't call the shots. The main sandwiches and burgers give you choice of fries or salad, but the big pies are recommended with salad. So you should have ordered a side dish of fries! You would have gotten a smile with that upon delivery for sure. I'm a great fan of Sweet Brasilian Cafe JLT and have only great things to say about the place.

    I'm sure if the manager was there, actually she would have accommodated you as she loves to please her customers especially her regular customers such as myself with free refills of coffee sometimes, free brigadeiro balls, etc... no other coffee shop gives anything for free! I LOVE Sweet Brasilian Cafe, their DELICIOUS authentic food, desserts, relaxing atmosphere, friendly & smiley staff and I believe you should remove your negative review on them and try calling them again or better yet visit them.

    As Larissa said above, it is truly a WONDERFUL PLACE and I will be catering from there again soon!!!

  4. Sweet Brasilian is a great cafe, with great food, great coffee, great juices, great service, great ambience and desserts TO DIE FOR!!!! The BEST cakes in town everyone!!!!! Can't live without ordering at least one every day now lool... chocolate, caramel, lemon coconut... it's now my favourite place actually and when i go with my Brazilians friends, they all say that finally there's a place in town that really serves true Brazilian food.

    Highly recommended to everyone! Or you're missing out big time.